Veronika Rudyeva-Rayzantseva
Veronika Rudyeva-Rayzantseva

13.10.1981 born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia 

lives and works in St. Petersburg

2009 summer conceptualism school by Josef Bakshtain
2005-2008 "Pro Arte Institute", New technologies in contemporary art
2001-2007 St. Petersburg's Academy of Applied Arts by Shtigliz, Monumental Painting
1996-2001 Art College by Surikov, Krasnoyarsk
Artistic - pedagogical department.

Solo exhibitions:
2015 "МАММА", ART re.FLEX Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2013 "Intermission", Krasnoyarsk museum center, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2013 "Intermission", ART re.FLEX Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2012 "Beehive" mediaproject, "Erarta gallery" St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 "In the Hood. The Second-hand Queen", Korjaamo gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2010 "SEAzone", "Green-Art" gallery, Perm, Russia
2009 "Without words", "AL-gallery" St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 "Bounty", "C.A.G" gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 "Second-Hand Queen", "Start" gallery, Contemporary art center "Winzavod", Moscow, Russia
2008 "Sacred head", "Luda" gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Group festivals and exhibitions:
2013 "New St.Petersburg", Niew Dakota, Amsterdam, Holland
2012 "Industrial Biennale", parallel program, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2012 "Buzan Biennale", South Korea
2011 "Birth of Venus", Art re.FLEX gallery St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 "Through the looking glass", Tomsk, Russia
2011 Artbat Festival, "Home cinema", Almaty, Kazakhstan
2010 "Heroes of our time", the installation "Daily narcissism", "Open gallery" Moscow, Russia
2010 "Hydroponika", Perm, Russia
2010 "Walking a Fine Line. Parables of the Sublime and the Subversive in Russian Video Art", Espace Croise centre d'art contemporain, France
2010 The Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award'09, St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 Russian video-show "Video Serenade", EFA Project Space, NY, USA
2009 "This is Luda" video "Russian unconscious", loft-project "ETAGI" St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 3 Moscow Biennale, Parallel program "Let me think", "Red October" Moscow, Russia
2009 "Space of silence", installation "Archeologic autopsy", St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 video "Flight of the clothes", exhibition "Fashion & Stile", Moscow, Russia
2009 SCOPE Art Fair, "The Russians Are Here", New-York, USA
2009 video - programmer "Walking a Fine Line. Parables of the Sublime and the Subversive in Russian Video Art" Atlas Institute, New-York, USA
2008 1st Moscow biennial of young art, exhibition "Residual Radiations" - "The Shadow" installation
2008 "Nord Art" festival, Budelsdorf, Germany
2008 "My space" installation, St.Petersburg, Russia
2008 "Memory of field's" exhibition - video-installation "The field" with Tanya Akhmetgalieva, loft-project "ETAGI"
2006 "Babylon Dream" exhibition Russian-German "Workshop"
"Oil spider" installation in Museum of Anna Akhmatova, St.Petersburg, Russia
2005 "Barbyzona" exhibition, video "Barbyland" Ruarts gallery, Moscow, Russia

Three main Academic Theatre Auditoriums of St. Petersburg have become the starting point for creating the project that – it's typical of Veronica Rudyeva-Ryazantseva – has united few of the new media. The project includes a three-channel video installation, a series of double-faced lightboxes and video aria "Declaration of Love" to a libretto by the artist."The one artist theater" in point of fact is devoided of the main thing - the viewers and the stage acting. In that case the death of theater like the death of art is not a statement but deliberately given circumstance: the lightboxes with photographs of sterille empty interiors of Alexandrinsky Michailovsky and Mariinsky Theaters with the rows of velvet seats covered with white «cerement» are more like billboards or X-ray view boxes. There is only gaping emptiness containing nothing behind triumphantly alternating three act drops on the video; and opera diva wringing her hands confess her love to her dying lover named Art. On the first view pathoanatomical interest to the theatre doesn't depreciate the grand style but speaks about it on a language of the present-day medias. Accordingly what could seem necroscopy in the fact is only preventive examination which diagnosis is in the last lines of video-aria performed by opera singer of Mariinsky Theatre: "Too much pesticides, flavour enhancers, semi-products, preserving agents! we all will die but art never will".