September, 22 - October, 9 2016

“The Scenes of Hunting” Tipatzeha


Kristina Kolesnikova, Sveta Mullary. Nina Stadnik, Elena Chetverik  

Curator: Pavel Grishin


This exhibition is an attempt to analyze the experience of interaction inside an art group, an attempt to give some visual and tactile  responds on a questions ‘What is it like to work together?’, ’Where are the boundaries between private territory and common interests?’, ‘Does this idea belong to me or my partner?’ or even ‘Whose shot was first?’  

Every artist is a hunter in some sense. We’re all constantly chasing images, metaphors and ideas in the deep woods of imagination, trying to catch them, make a trophy, which we could be proud of. 

 Everyone knows, however, that  many incidents could happen while hunting. You could harm you self. Or be wounded by someone else. Or instead your precious aim you might accidentally bring down your partner, or may be not really accidentally. Is it necessary to say that obsession  has always been a part of the profession? 

Of course, it’s only a fantasy here and none of the Tipatzeha participants was injured during the preparation process. These are not some bloody gangsters in front of us, after all. All that we deal with are just four fragile, beautiful women waiting patiently for our attention. But please, be careful! If you remember, the ancient goddess of hunting was a woman too.