December 25 2015 - February 29 2016

 ART re.FLEX Gallery announces December 25th as the celebration day of

9th Anniversary of the gallery and launches the group exhibition “LES” (The Wood)


Maria Arendt, Ludmila Belova, Anna Bittersohl, Kseniia Vekshina, Viktoria Ikonen,

Viktoria Ilyushkina, Marina Koldobskaya, Mina Milk, Natalia Pivko, Daria Surovtseva,

Maria Tokarenko, Ingegerd Shcönborg


Nature is always cruel to those who are indifferent

ART re.FLEX Gallery celebrates its 9th anniversary in the forest (Russian: les). Forest is a place of power where we go when our energy is low. Forest is the source of life, inspiration and adventures. However one has to be patient to feel this because fear comes first when we meet the forest. Our instincts make us feel uneasy, we are all ears because of all the noises and sounds. Hungry animals are hiding ready to tear us for any wrong step. Our rational thinking vanishes. Run away is the only option. Although there is nowhere to run, no way back, forest is everywhere around us. And we surrender. 

We get over the fear, we let the forest be stronger than us and discover it as a tender, loving and giving power. It's noises and sounds turn into music. Wild beasts turn into sleepy pets. We feel care and love. We finally are where we belong.