Mina Milk «Russian forest»

January 16 - February 28 2015

Russian forest 

Mina Milk was born and raised in Russia. Symbolism of Russian fairy tales, folk beliefs, flora and fauna of midland – all that was an inevitable part of artist’s childhood and greatly influenced her subconscious perception of grown-ups world.

In this new project Mina Milk consciously tries to understand “Russian” layers of the individual self and demonstrates us shadowed corners of Russian Forest. There is no place for fairy tale in this Forest. Its heroes live seriously, they thirst and go to all lengths to satisfy this thirst

Mina Milks affection for animals is evident. Through the projects it becomes not only the main theme but the sense of her art in general. This love grows strong and is covered  with sophisticated pattern, looking like the fur of big and small of the family felinae. It becomes more difficult and at the same time easier moving aside other loves.

Mina Milk continues to experiment with forms. This time at the exhibition besides graphic works are presented installations from cardboard and wood and variations on video art. That’s because we not only see the Forest but we immediately find ourselves in it. This forest becomes our continuation, projection of our thoughts, answers on the questions which we were afraid to ask ourselves. What is hiding in that silent wildwood? Whose that scream is? Is that mine?

What is Russian Forest indeed? There is no single answer on this question. Mina Milk suggests us to seek an insight to ourselves because sometimes it is the same dark and scary. She wants us to learn not to be afraid, to treat this forest with natural curiosity, to try to change it with our presence, to love this endless darkness. And then wild cats would not seem dangerous, and dark forest would become a birchwood where grass peaceful deers and zebras with giant misty eyes. And no one would ever hurt them. Or would someone?