"The devastation of the landscape" - Dialog of the Arts magazine exhibition

October 30 - November 11 2014

The Devastation of the Landscape.

With the support of The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Within the exhibition project: «Personages: schools of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg»


Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Usol`e (Permskiy kray)

Artists: Alexander Dashevskiy, Diana Machulina, Pavel Otdelnov, Maria Pogorzhelskaya, Aleksandr Podobed, Marina Fedorova

«Clear space – is a space, where everything works toward devastation – communities, «groups», temporary alliances and partnerships – everyone wants to come over by means of own devastation»

Valerii Poloroga «Kairos. Critical moment»


The exhibition «Devastation of the Landscape» is about modern megalopolis and it`s townsman. It seems that in a big town there are much of everything – chances, possibilities, meanings, it is superfluous, overlaid by overproduction. However, the man here stays on his own; the city fills out by the lonely crowds. There is only small niche for everyone: city of memories, city of ideas, city of dreams. Our exhibition is about the landscape in which stays the main. On the main reflects young, but experienced painters: Alexander Dashevskiy, Diana Machulina, Pavel Otdelnov, Maria Pogorzhelskaya, Aleksandr Podobed, Marina Fedorova. In the last 15 years, those names permanently stands by in the space of native art with their recognizable language. Modern painting, which has outlived temptation of the postmodernist irony, digital photography and revision of itself – is their territory of oeuvre. All of them continues searching of new expression, sometimes riskily refuses from tried out discoveries. Formal they could be equally divided in Moscow`s and Petersburg`s artists but the main thing is that they are artists of the megalopolis, with all its contrariety of pragmatics and poetics. Rootedness in traditional language of easel painting and thematic community unites them. Speaking generally, if Dashevskii, Otdelnov, Machulina in their works establishes the space, Pogorzhelskaia and Fedorova populates it by the personages, which seems as complementary qualities. Mentalist-formal categories clear traces in «man`s» paintings, emotional-semantic – in «woman`s», although such division is rather arbitrary, because the urban realm is aggressive, full of seductions and townsman often palys in gender hide-and-seeks. Artists are prone to generalization and attentive to little, they are looking for evolve visual answers on simple questions, which city asks them every day.  Four artists are residence and observes of their megalopolis, who keep different intonation and plastics, who stay in changeable urban range and changed with it. That is why they are interesting.