SASHAPASHA «A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Russian Idea»

5-16 September 2015

SASHAPASHA is an artistic duo from St.Petersburg. Travel is a method of their creative process that they have been practicing and developing during several years. Their project “Wild journey into the heart of the Russian idea” is a synthesis of happening, action art and decorative art.

In summer 2015 Sasha and Pasha Rotts took a long road trip through Russia. They succeeded in revealing a mechanism for the birth of an idea. A metaphor of the creative path became a real road – the highway from St. Petersburg to Altay republic. Throughout their trip they collected various items. At home they created art objects based on their findings.

ART re.FLEX Gallery presented their exhibition on September 5th - 21st, 2015. Travel for the artists is not only an art method but also a way to encounter the unexpected and use it within the concept. The final exhibition was neither a report for geographic society nor a road-movie.  Sasha and Pasha are eager to reveal the bounds between their creative practice as fashion jewelry designers and as visual artists, to trace the creative process from the original idea to the final art object.

Needless to say the happening was tightly connected with the artists personal experience, it echoed with their own life. What were they searching for? What have they found? In the wild Russian prairies they encountered feather grass, sands and dust, rusty stalkers screws, bones, birds’ feathers, metalware, sticks – revealing a layer without culture.

Acting as representatives of civilization, it was not garbage that they collected but wildness as it is, objects that hadn’t been touched by the hand of a craftsman. Winds, time and intact space were captured and collected, stored and brought home, brushed and adjusted. Centuries-long traditions of Arabic and European travelers keep traces of peculiar habits astonishing to foreigners. Concept coincided with the habitat of items. Concept equals continuance. Time becomes undistinguishable from space. There are only observers who have been collecting wild non-garbage on their way throughout centuries. The project aspires to accumulate and interpret all meanings of this journey into the depth of one self, Russian roads, Altay shamans, homeless treasures, weird findings from dusty roadsides of Russian provinces, rocks from banks of clear mountain rivers, pieces of malachite as if from a Russian fairytale “The Mistress of Copper Mountain”, horned animal sculls, now incrusted with sparkling crystals. 


Performance with the participation of Lyovin Photography, modelling agency TANN Model Management and the Choir of Veterans of Labor from Krasnoselskyi district of St.Petersburg. Mitya Goltsman on theremenvox.


With the participation of:
Valera Belov
lyovin Photography 
modelling agency TANN Model Management

Exhibition partners:
clothing shop Мыльная белка 
clothing shop JNBY 
clothing shop 8 store  


ART re.FLEX Gallery and Sasha i Pasha are grateful to the Russian folk chorus of the veterans of World War II and labor based on cultural and leisure complex "Krasnoselsky"