Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva «МАММА»

March 4-18 2015

 The exhibition includes installation of the balloons, video, graphics.


A project by Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva "MAMMA" is dedicated to one part of the human body – it is praising the female breast. It is interesting that the woman makes this praising. Veronika presents the female view on the question of the main sexual images of all time -  fun, cheerful and positive, one can say "no problematics". But behind the seem-easiness an attentive viewer will find something to think about.

An exhibition "MAMMA" is frank and attractive with it’s sexuality and artistic exhibitionism. Thousands of mammary glands fill the gallery halls. Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva is always easy to recognize from her easily and effectively visual language. An ode to the bust is also quite logical: in Veronika’s video-works constantly emerging female heroines showing their "tits" solely for the artistic purposes.

The author is inclined to explain her choice of the topic with the theme of female sexuality and motherhood.

And in the exhibition "MAMMA" (which translated from Latin as “female breast”) "paired heroine" separated from their owners begin to live their own life of the soft swaying and swinging.

The exposition is a spectacle that attracts not only the narrow circle of professional contemporary artists and their fans but also interests a general public. So watchable of the exhibitions is more than high. Just keep yourself in hands, friends, - follow the rules and decorum.


Semen Motolyanetz