Viktoria Ikonen and Nobushige Kono "This Error Is Forgivable"

November, 17 - December, 6 2016

Nobushige Kono and Viktoria Ikonen started to collaborate in 2015, when they met each other at an art residency in Berlin. Their different backgrounds, interests and methods of works have opened up the fields of conflict and discussion, which seem to have enriched their own art practices in a sort of unexpected way. From the beginning to the present, they focus on exploring the possibilities within the processes of communication itself between the two of the artists. The result of their first collaboration was the project #Sport shown at a group exhibition in Berlin last September. In this project, they interpreted one theme by combining, de-combining and re-combining various methods and mediums such as painting, photography, video and found object, while mixing and exchanging their different points of view, in which each subjectivity was re-woven as something like an inter-subjectivity to formalize things unrevealed.

In the current project "This Error Is Forgivable", they focus on the various aspects of 'error', in order to explore the possibilities of miscommunication and misunderstanding, and also the aesthetics and dynamics of it are tested. They carefully skim the richness of their errors in multiple ways to crystalize the inevitable problems in various communication processes as a project, which might be actual not only for the two of the artists but also for the people who have endless struggles to relate to the others in the time when many things are crossing the traditional boundaries much faster than ever with the power of technologies, producing rather chaotic situations.