GEEKPICNIC June 25-26, 2016

GEEKPICNIC - is a Russian independent project created in St. Petersburg in 2011, from 2014 held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in 2016 entered the international level session in Israel, Jerusalem. Cultural and entertaining festival involves the most acute problems of modern science, technology and art. Within a few years he had become a habitat for educated and really enthusiastic people. The theme of the festival this summer - "MythBusters." Art program area includes, among other things, performance and scientific object from Andrew Barteneva, sukkulentoterapiyu from Anastasia Cornel project "Space: Oporto!" Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, installation and Miraclescope Somniator Sasha Frolova, lectures, discussions, and more. ART re.FLEX Gallery will present the spectators and participants of the festival GEEKPICNIC statue Dmitry Zhukov "Untitled" from the project "for internal use", created with the support of the gallery.

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